Providing gluten free, low carb, nutrient dense foods since 2006

Slow Pokes Local Food
What's for Dinner? (We made it from scratch, so you just heat and serve.)
-Pizzas & Soups
-Veggie Pie
-Roasted Chicken with Vegetables
-Raw Cheddar Tomato Olive
  Tapenade Pie

Daily Specials 
ALL GLUTEN FREE and made from SCRATCH with LOVE!

-Paleo Cookies: Almond, Chocolate Chip
-Grain Free & Sugar Free Granola

What to Eat this Spring
-Saturday, March 29th 11:00am-1pm


Hooray!!  It's time to get back to local and fresh.   Learn delicious ways to start incorporating more seasonal foods into your winter favorites.
Of course, we will have plenty of yumminess for you to try!

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OR CLICK HERE to register online
Bulletproof Coffee
Upgraded Coffee 
blended with Upgraded
MCT Oil and Purity Ghee
*Rich in antioxidants
*Great for brain and nerve health
*Efficient Energy
*Decaf and full-caf available

Sleep Induction Mats

Try a cup today!